Frequently Asked Questions

What is GopherHire.com - Gopherhire.com is a website to facilitate identifying and acquiring production crew resources. We want to identify the top industry people in the required skill areas and produce a platform for people to improve their skill sets. We’ll provide crews we work with and vendors we trust from all over the US. An all-in-one resource hub for the best in the business. No more asking colleagues for trusted names in different states. You can simply come to our website and find your crew. Our vision is to simplify the outsourcing of staffing a top-notch crew for your shows, movies, etc in all states without the worry if crew will show up and do a good job. It is also a resource for crews to connect and find jobs.


What is the verification process?

Gopherhire verifies everyone who joins as a “Job Seeker”.  Our process is to do a one on one interview and reach out to your references.  Once you get hired from one of our job postings, we will go ahead and call the employer and get their feedback on your work. If you get a positive review, you will be verified and "Verified" will show up by your name.  


Do you offer Union and Non Union Jobs?

Yes, we over both.


Are you looking for staff for Gopher Hire?

Not at this moment, but eventually we will be staffing up.


Are you looking for investors?



Do you offer international services?

Not at the moment, but hopefully in the future.


What genres/divisions do you cover?

Reality, Game Shows, Docu-series, Documentaries, Scripted TV, Competition, Digital Media, Feature Length Films, Short Films, Podcast, Music Video's, Commercials, Live Events, Sports


Is there a fee to sign up?

No, the website is free of charge.


Is there a fee for vendors to promote their services?

Yes, pricing will vary. We would love to set up a call to discuss.


Who owns Go-pherHire.com -

Travel Buddies Productions which is owned by Liz Spano and Rosie Ortiz, producers in the Entertainment Industry for the past 17 years.


What are the future plans for GopherHire.com - Industry Mixers, Q&A's, Mentorship Programs, expand our locations database.